Folding Pallet Crate


• These rugged containers will fold flat for storage
when not needed
• Overall size is 47.24”x 39.3″ x 29.92″H
• Usable size is 43.7″ x 35.82″ x 23.62″H
• Volume capacity is 606L
• Overall height when folded flat is only 11″
• Two-way fork entry openings
• Uniform static load weight capacity is 6,000 lbs
• Uniform dynamic load weight capacity is 2,000 lbs
• Uniform stacking load weight capacity is 1,000 lbs
• Multiple units may be stacked up to three (3) high
• Manufactured from HDPE
• Resistant to extreme high & low temperatures
• Durable and easy to clean

plastic foldable crate-4plastic foldable crate-5


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